The Underwriting: Episode #10

The UnderwritingMichelle Miller’s sexy thriller about the underwriting of Hook, has got me hooked.  Every Wednesday I set time aside to read the episode she posts that day, and it’s well worth the $10 I paid for the set of 12 of them. Right now, at Episode #10, the characters are scrambling to keep the IPO on the rails, while life seems intent in knocking it off.

While many of the characters in her book are nauseatingly superficial and vain, by design, she tries to give them depth by putting them in circumstances that challenge their assumptions. Conflicts of interest run deep when hundreds of millions are at stake.  The good guy, the East Palo Alto software engineer who’s both worked hard and been lucky, well, … we don’t do spoilers here at The Silicon Valley Novel.

Of all the narrow-minded people in the book, thus far my least favorite is Charlie. He’s a caricature of self-righteousness in the NGO world, if I remember correctly, and mean-spirited to boot.  Nice job Michelle!

Go #gethooked.


Author of Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley

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