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HBO Silicon Valley Episode #2

The episode doesn’t bomb, but in the spirit of not dumping on my peers, I’ll restrict myself to providing a plot summary. After a pathetically bad launch party, depicted with depressing verisimilitude, Richard, the 10x coder behind Pied Piper, fails

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HBO Silicon Valley Episode #1

Finally, a show about us! Well, not exactly. It’s us if you’re under 30, or maybe under 34, and as Lakshmi Stein says in the Prologue, 30 is the new 50. So, the first episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley introduces

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#gethooked by The Underwriting and by Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller has me hooked on her serial novel, The Underwriting, about the financing of a social media IPO underway right now, like NOW! Ms. Miller comes from financial services, and has the millennial genes to understand and deliver the snarky

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Thelonius (Buck) Weinstein interviews Moby Dx author

The full interview appears in Aubergines, but I’ve excerpted the opening here. Buck asserts that Dan has written the Great American Novel. Click on the link to find out what Dan has to say about that. Buck: So, Dan, I’ll tell

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No Church in the Wild – Multi-genre mind and gender bender

Who is Bacchus Paine? You’ll wish you knew her by the time you’re done with this book.First, why No Church in the Wild? Ms Paine is a scholar of ancient Rome. She teaches us that homosexuality is a modern notion

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