Transfer Book Files to iOS: Method 1

If you’re a subscriber to Moby Dx on Gumroad and trying to read the book on an iPhone, iTouch, or iPod,  then you’re probably wondering, “How do I get my book files onto my iOS device?”  The answer is both simple and not so simple.

First, I favor iBooks rather than Kindle for iOS, and there are two reasons why. The default iOS browser, Safari, invites you deposit book files in iBooks, so it’s easy to put them there. The second reason has to do with appearance. Amazon’s tools for generating good-looking books are still too difficult to use, or sub-par, or something. So, be sure you have the iBooks app on your device. It’s free from the App Store.

Second, Gumroad does not seem to like Chrome, so Safari is the preferred iOS browser for living with it.

Navigating to the most recent email message we’ve sent you, click the “view files” button at the bottom, then select the .epub or .pdf file.  The .epub flows and the .pdf looks better. On a phone, you will probably prefer the .epub. Either way, your iOS device will give you the option to open the book in the iBooks app.  Voila!

Alternatively, if you have a gumroad account, go to, then select your preferred file.  Your iOS device will give you the option to open the book in the iBooks app.  Voila!

In a subsequent post, we will cover a second method, transferring files from your computer to your iOS device.


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