Unpredictable fusion and the dark hearts

Laurie Weisz of Talking Writing wrote of Moby Dx on Jan 31, 2014 … Dan Seligson is not a jaded by-product of the Iowa Writers Workshop. His riveting first novel tells a story of Silicon Valley’s big players, the unpredictable fusion of scientific innovation and IT, and the dark human hearts that complicate that process. In the first installment the narrator, Lakshmi, introduces us to a Bermuda triangle of young men: Jay, Vladik, and Max; three very different versions of genius and ambition, destined to collide. The book, which is impossible book to put down, will draw the lay person into an illuminated world of science and discovery they had no idea they could understand. Fascinating, inadvertently educational, and provocative.


Author of Moby Dx: A Novel of Silicon Valley

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