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How to Publish an eSerial: #2 of N

On Book Design and InDesign Book design is an old art. Its leading practioners know a lot about what makes a book look good. As one such artist told me, in what at first seemed like a koan, “Book design

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Transfer Book Files to iOS: Method 1

If you’re a subscriber to Moby Dx on Gumroad and trying to read the book on an iPhone, iTouch, or iPod,  then you’re probably wondering, “How do I get my book files onto my iOS device?”  The answer is both

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Moby Dx: Ripe for a TV Series

Cristina Ferreira writes on 2/01/2014 … This book is ripe for a TV series. When was the first time you heard aloud “Call me Ishmael” ? How much can obsession drive success or is it all about luck? If there

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Unpredictable fusion and the dark hearts

Laurie Weisz of Talking Writing wrote of Moby Dx on Jan 31, 2014 … Dan Seligson is not a jaded by-product of the Iowa Writers Workshop. His riveting first novel tells a story of Silicon Valley’s big players, the unpredictable

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How to Publish an eSerial – Part 1 of N

For reasons good or bad, I decided to serialize Moby Dx, and once I did, I discovered that I faced a bunch of challenges above and beyond those of just publishing an e-book, or is that ebook? In a series

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